Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I am now in the second week of the module and have finally begun creating my website using the Wix site. Having used it finally I have found that creating a website is easy however the content of the website is the difficult part.

The first problem is finding a colour scheme for my website. Considering the last post, I used one of the images from there and uploaded it to http://www.cssdrive.com/imagepalette/ which created a colour palette with all the colours that would suit that image. However after using some of colours suggested the website looks rather dull and dingy. Perhaps it would have been better to include image itself to give the webpage colour and depth or use some brighter colours to add some contrast. This aspect needs to be experimented with further.

Also further I am finding that the layout of the site is difficult. This is due to myself being unfamiliar with website layout and what works and what doesn’t. However further research into other websites would be beneficial for this.

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