Friday, 11 March 2011

Tweaking Design

Over the previous week I have been amending the design on my personal webpage. Due to this I have created multiple drafts of the original design each with qualities that I find aesthetically pleasing.

During my lecture with the tutor they have pointed out a few aesthetic flaws in my design. Firstly the flaws in my typography were most notable, in that it was all the same font which meant that my logo did not stand out from the menu bar or text. This design flaw meant that the logo was noticeable and the user’s eyes would lose on what to focus on. Secondly the size of my typography was to big giving to much visual input at one point.

To sort this it was recommend a different font should be used and the size should be scaled down. Also any special effects on the menu bar and text should be removed. This helped to highlight the logo and made the text for visually pleasing.

Then next area to sort was the home page as from this photo shows that it was clogged up and was not very easy on the eyes. The tutor amended this to the following.

The text is more clear and shows up better than before where it was lost in the image. Also the image is more controlled and easy on the eye by becoming smaller. The two white lines help with that and also put the home page into perspective. These lines have also been included onto the other pages to keep everything similar. The end product looking like this:

Overall I am pleased with end product of the re-design. It has shown me important key areas in design such being careful with typographies size, font, and place as these can detract from the sites original purpose. Think of using photo’s carefully and how they will fit into your design whether they are the focus or simply aesthetic as both will be displayed differently. And finally consider continuity over the overall product. Does each page match and give an idea of continuous flow/structure.

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